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>Subject:New Mailing List

>I am inviting you to join a new mailing list designed to benefit
>scientists in your discipline.  Please read on to learn more about the
>plant secondary pathways mailing list.
>Please save this message for future reference.
>The plant secondary pathways mailing list is sponsored and hosted by
>the National Biotechnology Information Facility (NBIF), located at
>New Mexico State University.
>This mailing list is intended to serve as an informal forum for
>discussion of ideas, techniques, methodological problems, safety
>issues, questions regarding the source of a particular laboratory
>item, and any other topic of relevance to all scientists interested in
>plant secondary metabolism and ancillary topics.  One of NBIF's
>goals is to develop a plant secondary pathways database, and
>discussion of approaches to constructing and populating such a
>database are also welcome.
>Please invite your colleagues to subscribe!  Feel free to post this
>announcement electronically.  We will also try to contact appropriate
>societies to alert their members to this opportunity.
>In order to join this mailing list, please send mail to
><Majordomo at> with the following command in the body
>of your email message:
>     subscribe plantmetab <your email address>
>Each message sent to <plantmetab at> will be posted to all
>current subscribers to the mailing list.  While we hope there will be
>stimulating discussion and exchange of ideas posted on this mailing
>list, please be considerate of the personal feelings of other
>individuals when posting or responding to messages.
>Should you need to get in contact with the owner of the list, e.g., if
>you have trouble subscribing, or have questions about the list itself,
>please send email to <owner-plantmetab at> or to
><grphilli at>.  The current owner of the list is:  Dr. Greg
>Phillips, Science Coordinator, National Biotechnology Information
>Facility (
>Thank you for participating in this activity!  We hope your daily
>research and education activities will be enhanced by access to this
>mailing list.
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