What are These?

Mark Jonston mark at ultraguide.com
Tue May 6 02:49:47 EST 1997

My roommate recently purchased two satellite image prints from a
web site (http://www.RadiantImage.com) He got one of Atlanta
and one of the Grand Canyon. These things are amazing! I've
never seen anything like this before. I wrote email to the company
and they were very helpful. But, I didn t ask them what courses I
should take to learn to do that kind of thing. I spoke with my
advisor in my college and he suggested I speak to people in
Atmospheric, Geology, and number of other sciences. My roomie
told me that he thought the geography department might be the
place, since he thought the images fell under the category of a
high tech kind of map. Which they may I guess.. They came with a
scale and an index showing where stuff is. My Girl Friend insists
that lithographs are an art department thing. When I ask the
secretary there about it, she said they do have classes in
computerized design, but, that she wasn t sure I'd learn to do this
kind of thing in that class. So, I thought the best way to find out for
sure was to post messages in a wide range of topics and see if
there is indeed one discipline these fall under. I'm curious what if
any classes I should look at to learn these skills and I'm getting
the impression that a lot of disciplines use satellite images, so,
which would be best for future employment opportunities? I
obviously don t know enough about it to know if I'd like it or not.
But, I think its really cool to actually be able to see places like
and in such detail from space. So I thought I should check into it
before I declare a major.

P.S. oh. Please direct responses or at least a copy to
mark at ultraguide.com because, I'm going to ask this in several
places that might have people who can help me. I realize that
newnews probably isn t the best place to seek advice for classes.
But, at this point I'm not sure where else to ask, because, I've
gotten so many different suggestion, and basically come the
conclusion no one I've asked knows what they are or how I'd learn
to do it. I.e. I'm sorry if this ruffles anyone.

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