Caffeine's effect on plants

Subbaiah C. Chalivendra subbaiah at UIUC.EDU
Wed May 7 18:15:18 EST 1997

Hi Pat:

The effects of caffeine on plants have been studied in some detail by plant
researchers. Depending on the dosage, caffeine leads to abonormalities in
plant development. Particularly, cells do not divide in the normal way if
they are "caffeinated". People are still trying to understand how the cell
division process is regulated by caffeine.

Here, at the University of Illinois, we did some work on the effect of
caffeine on the calcium metabolism of plant cells. Calcium acts as
messenger in plant and animal cells, conveying different types of
information to different parts of the cells. We find that caffeine
increases the activity of calcium in plant cells (This is known to be true
in animal cells for a long time. That is how we feel stimulated when we
drink coffee.).

Hope this helps. If you want to see the original papers of this work,
please let me know. I would give the references.

Subbaiah Chalivendra

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