Insectivores in quantity?

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Thu May 8 09:31:10 EST 1997

William E. Williams wrote:
>Where can I get insectivorous plants in quantity (maybe 25-100
>individuals)?  I have a student who wants to do an independent study on
>insectivory, preferably sundew, and so far what we have found is various
>"kits" from Carolina.  Each kit has several different species,
>instructions, etc., and they cost around twenty bucks--obviously way too
>much for an experiment that requires dozens of plants.  Seeds would be
>fine if somebody can tell me how to treat them.

You might begin searching the WWW at

By clicking on the "Other CP Pages" button you will find a small list of
vendors with links to their websites.  Continued surfing of the WWW from
this site should lead you to longer lists of vendors.

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