Botany display

Julia Playford j.playford at
Fri May 9 00:53:31 EST 1997

Anyone interested in plants and education and lives in Brisbane,
Australia may be interested in the Botany department display at uni
expo.  Uni expo is held at the St Lucia campus of The University of
Queensland 17 and 18 May 12-5pm each day.

The Botany display will include sales of native orchid cultivars and
sales of native bushfoods.  You can also see transgenic sugarcane,
tissue culture your own orchid, precipitate DNA from oats, see the
effects of global warming on plants and discover the nasty fungi that
live in your fridge.  You can discover what DNA technology is used for,
see plant identification displays, learn about the function of marine
plants in the ecoysystem and discover plants that kill from your own
back yard.

Hope to see you there


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