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Eric Grunden egrunden at
Fri May 9 00:07:20 EST 1997

>In a previous article, ssinger at CARLETON.EDU (Susan Singer) says:
>>   The best source of information is the USDA biotech page and there linked
>>list of genetically engineered plants that are no longer regulated.
>> (this site also links to
>>some good information on specific crops that might be useful for teaching)\


Yes, it would be nice if she wanted the information for teaching.
But, noting that the original post originated in Europe, coupled
with the huge, and many times, destructive protests against 
transgenic plants going on there right now, I would venture to
guess that she wants the info. so she (or some radical group to
which she belongs) can target more crop fields to destroy, or 
biotech corporate headquarters to trash, occupy and disrupt, or
food processing plants to boycott. 

This seems particularly obvious when you look at what she asks.
She doesn't want more info. on biotech, or how it works, etc.
She wants a "list" of what she calls "genetically altered"
fruits and vegetables and the companies that produced them, and
approved future projects. 

I, for one, do not wish to aid or perpetuate the destruction of 
European farmers' hard work, and years of research by agricultural
scientists by readily dispenising such information. I hope that
I'm wrong in my assumption Danielle, but if not, worst of luck to
you in your search..............


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