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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAMUK.EDU
Wed May 14 15:28:19 EST 1997

We are currently trying to add more Botany and Conservation-type courses to
our curriculum and have run up against an interesting problem and were
wondering if other Universities had the same problem.  We offer a 100 levvel
Introductory Botany course that is required of all majors.  All other Botany
courses are at the 400 or senior level with the exception of Plant Taxonomy
which is a 300 level course.  The courses we would like to offer we would
like to offer at the 200 level.  These courses may be Ethnobotany or Plants
and Man or Conservation of Natural Resourses.  The problem is that majors
will not take a nonadvanced course (under 300) because it does not count
toward graduation and nonmajors won't take an advanced course because they
think it will be too hard.  So, if we try to attract majors by giving an
inflated course number we will be scaring off nonmajors.  The subject matter
needs to get out but, how??  Our students refuse to take a course they don't
have to take and no one seems to be taking classes just because they are
interested in the subject. Is this a general trend across the Nation??


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