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Thu May 15 04:41:59 EST 1997

Dear web researchers, does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You have a project to complete so you decide to use the Web to gather


Using a major search engine or directory you find a site whose description

matches you search criteria perfectly.

You click on the link and then . . . nothing!

The site is a one page dud or an advertisement for some business or the
site is no longer there. And the process keeps repeating itself eating

your valuable time and patience.

Put an end to time wasted! We have spent hours gathering the best business

content sites for you at Softrise Business Links & Information ( ). No more duds! No more "site is no
longer on this server" type messages! No more disappointments!

Thank you for your time and we hope seeing you at our site soon.

Softrise Community Development Dept.

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