Investigative tree labs

Thu May 15 10:33:41 EST 1997

Dear Plant edders,

For several years I have been thinking that it would be useful to develop 
an investigative exercise for first or second year university level 
students using morphological characteristics of trees in their winter  
condition.  The aim of such an exercise would be
1. To familiarize students with basic morphological  features buds, branching 
patterns, nodes,etc.
2.To incorporate collection of data...measurements, angles of branches etc.
3.To analyse the data, either on their own or in a classroom setting.
4 To interpret what they have found.

I would also be interested in incorporating some mechanical or strength 
component into such an exercise.

My question is.. Am I trying to re-invent this particular wheel? Does 
anyone know of any similar exercises out there already ..if so, can you 
tell me where?
Chris Maxwell

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