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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
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Welcome to Plant-Ed!  I, too, teach Plant Biology workshops for teachers
(K-8).  This summer it will be three weeks for 3 credits, "Plant Biology
for Teachers."  Scheduled 9-12 M-F, we will spend at least one hour of
lecture/discussion exploring some aspect of plant
structure/function/ecology/evolution then the rest of the time with
hands-on activities reinforcing the lesson.  Each hands-on activity will
incorporate the use of a technical "tool" (plant press, balances,
microscopes, computer spread sheets, word processing, videodisc, camcorder,
etc.)  The technical emphasis will be on how the technology is used... with
no attempt to make the teachers proficient with all of the tools.  The
schools are teaching them basic wordprocessing, spreadsheets, etc. but I
find that many need suggestions about ways these can be incorporated into
the science curriculum.  That will be our focus.  Teachers will be required
to prepare two or three hands-on activities they will incorporate into
their curriculum.

Please post the responses to your inquiry.  And thanks for the Cleveland
Botanical Garden info.  Best regards!

>Hello all!  I'm new to the list and teach week long Plant
>Workshops for K-12 teachers -  so I like to hear about
>programs for schools using plants.  Please share any you
>know about.
> The Cleveland Botanical Garden puts out a teacher
>newsletter and the recent issue listed the following summer
>1.  "How to Build a School Garden"  August 4-8, 1997, Cleveland
>Botanical Garden, for educators, parents, community leaders, etc
>  Workshops include...
>        How to Make a School Herbarium
>        How to Built a Light Cart
>        How to Build a Cold Frame
>        Worm Box Construction
>        Bird,Bat or Butterfly House Construction
>for more information   Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Blvd,
>                       Cleveland, Ohio  44106,  (216) 721-1600
>2.  "Education in Blossom:  The School Garden - Community Partnership"
>July 31-August 1, 1997,  State University of New York, Cortland , NY
>for more information  Cleveland Botanical Garden
>3.  "Children's Gardening Symposium"  by American Horticularal
>Society,  July 31- August 2, 1997  at the Chicago Botanical Garden
>for more information   American Horticulture Socity
>                       (800) 777-7931

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