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K. Diane Eaton asked:
>I wonder if the person who mentioned the availability of a CD Rom? that
>leads you through a hardwood/deciduous? forest could republish the address
>of the people that market it? Thanks in advance.

The original message is reposted below.  Yesterday someone asked me whether
the shipping and handling costs to Canada increase the price.  I went to
the WWW page and it says only that the price is $15 which includes shipping
and handling.  There is no mention of an increase for other countries.  If
you want a definite answer to that question, please e-mail Sam Carman at
the Indiana Department of Natural Resources,

D. W. Kramer

Chris Maxwell wrote (in part):
>For several years I have been thinking that it would be useful to develop
>an investigative exercise for first or second year university level
>students using morphological characteristics of trees in their winter

This responds only in part to Chris' specific question but I just want to
call attention to an interactive simulation of forest ecology/tree
identification on a remarkable, new CD-ROM.  Many know Professor Raymond
Russo of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis who, several
years ago, developed a pioneering CD-ROM on tide pool ecology.  Ray has
done it again!  Making effective use of virtual reality and other
cutting-edge technologies he has authored "The Central Hardwoods Virtual
Forest."  Students (and professors, too!) can learn much about this major
biome by "strolling" (or is it "dragging"?!) through the forest in QTVR,
counting and measuring the trees, and identifying them with interactive
keys.  You can also consult experts, get information on forest wildlife,
and learn about forest management.

The best news:  This state-of-the-art CD is being sold for only $15 (which
includes shipping and handling)!  Order from Indiana Division of Forestry,
6013 Lakeside Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46278 sending a check for $15 payable
to "IFEF-PLT."  This remarkably low price is possible because of grants
from the USDA Forest Service, National Hardwood Lumber Association, Indiana
DNR Division of Forestry, PSI Energy Inc., et al.

Check it out at

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