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Mon Nov 3 22:48:43 EST 1997

 Greenings -

 Some visitors to bionet.plants.education would likely be interested
 in our little community forestry group, TreeTown.  Below is the
 welcome / info letter you will receive if you decide to sign up.

 Hope to see you around TreeTown,
 Richard at Flora.Com, ListOp
 Baltimore USDA Zone 7

 W  e l c o m e   T o   T r e e T o w n !

 This is the Information file for TreeTown - The Discussion
 List for Community Forestry & Ecologies.  Once per month, as
 needed, this document is updated and recirculated to members of
 the list, as well as to its companion list the TreeTown-Digest.
 This is then posted to a few kindred Usenet newsgroups, on eco-
 logical restoration, urban planning, wildlife and the like.

 TreeTown is a Majordomo (listserver) forum, only requiring
 normal Internet email access in order to fully participate in
 our dialogues.  The list has been on-line since Arbor Day 1995
 (back when we were called 'Tree-House') and generally circulates
 under 2 message postings per day.  Our 100+ members represent
 forestry education and preservation, nurseries and arborists,
 community organizations (stewardship) and concerned individuals.

 One of the main objectives of TreeTown is to promote sustainable
 tree planting and care in diverse habitats, although we welcome any
 discussion which is arguably tree-relevant.  Often we cover every-
 day issues of safe pest management, species selection, liability,
 funding local forestry initiatives and other practical information.

 To sign onto or off of TreeTown, simply state your interest, in
 an email addressed to me, ListOp Richard Tryzno Ellsberry:

 RTEllsberry at Flora.Com
 Treetown / Baltimore USDA Zone 7

 Or you can quickly subscribe / unsubscribe automagically by
 sending one (or more) of the following message commands to:

 To:  Majordomo at Majordomo.Flora.Com
 Subject:  Community Forestry List

 subscribe treetown
 unsubscribe treetown
 subscribe treetown-digest
 unsubscribe treetown-digest



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