Carol Reiss hcr at BROWN.EDU
Wed Nov 5 11:34:13 EST 1997

To all,

	Lately I have received a large number of inquiries about the status
of my lab manual "Experiments in Plant Physiology."  At the risk of
sounding like an advertisement, I thought it would be best to get the
information out through the plant-ed network.

	Although your bookstore may be told by Prentice Hall that my book
is out of print, this is not the case.  If you are persistant with PH, you
can order one (or some) of the over 300 copies left.  If you have further
difficulties, you can contact my editor at Teresa_Ryu at prenhall.com and she
will (I hope) help you to get your order through.

	More important, Prentice Hall has finally decided to do another
printing of the manual this month.  Right now, I am frantically working to
get errors corrected before the second printing goes through. In any case,
a second printing should be available soon.

	Thanks to everyone for their interest in the manual. I hope this
information helps!

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