Teaching Loads

Deborah A. Cook dcook at CAU.EDU
Wed Nov 5 13:17:36 EST 1997

Plant edders:

I know, we've discussed this topic before, but does anyone out there N.
America calculate teaching loads according to course enrollment? 

Our department is battling the Dean over this issue.
Currently, it's supposed to be 12 credit hours.  We've been fudging with
9 because of research activities (real or imagined).  What we are now
concerned with is class size, class level and clock contact hours for
both lecture and lab.  

Our difficulty comes with large lecture sections of General Biology,
Genetics and Cell Biology.  Is teaching a section of one of these
courses with an enrollment of close to or over 100 3 times a week for an
hour equivalent to teaching 12 credit hours (4, 3 credit classes) of
25-30?  We would say yes, but the Dean would probably say no.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.

Deb Cook

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