Flora of North America: it IS on-line

Susan J. Meades sjmeades at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 7 09:28:36 EST 1997

Ken Klemow wrote:
> Colleagues:
> As a follow-up to my recent posting, I did find (thanks to the kind
> suggestion of Gary Hannan) an on-line version of Flora of North America.
> The URL is "http://www.fna.org/Libraries/plib/WWW/online.html"

Also, if you want to check on a particular species, rather than browsing
through the various pages, enter the species in the dialogue box that
appears at this URL:


It will instantly tell you if that family/genus has been done: hypertext
links are provided for family, genus, and species decriptions; also maps
and illustrations.

If work on a taxon has not been finished, you will get links to FNA
newsletters, which include the following information plus much more: the
schedule of publication and progress of future volumes, which treatments
(family descriptions etc.) have been finised, and a list of which
taxonomists are writing which family/genus treatment, etc.  

If work on a certain taxon has not been started yet, you will get a
message indicating no links.

This is an indispensable link for plant taxonomists.  Have fun.

- Sue Meades

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