weekly schedules--warning--a survey

Sun Nov 9 02:31:01 EST 1997

Dear plant ed netters,Bio-ed netters,
Forgive me for another survey.  We at St. Cloud State will be converting to
semesters from quarters in the fall of 98.  The sciences have been getting
short shrift in this process and we think we are about to get it
again--relative to the weekly schedule.  Therefore, the point of this
query--what is your weekly schedule like?  If you have a couple of minutes we
would very much appreciate any information you could provide.
	1) which most closely matches your current schedule 
		a) 50 min monday thru friday 
		b) 50 min M/W/F and 75 min T and Thursday(R)
		c) other: please describe
	2) Type of institution
		a) private
		b) public
        3) Details 
		    Institutional enrollment	
			1) over 12500 students (total enrollment)
			2) between 7500 and 12499 students 
			3) between 2500 and 7499 students 
			4) under 2499 students 
		    Number of lab based courses offered per term
			1) on semesters 
			2) on quarters 
			3) other: please describe 
		   Approximate number of 
			1) students in biology major
			2) students in biology minor
			3) list related biology programs 
			1) total credits required in major(biology plus others)
			2) credits required by institution--we call them
                            general education credits  	
			3) approximate percentage of credits required outside           
                            of department by programs
		   Graduate assistants
			1) grad asst. help with labs  yes or no 
			2) we do not have grad programs 
		   Number of rooms exclusively available to your department?				
If you have any advice/stories/comments or assistance on the above please add.

David DeGroote
Dept. of BioScience
St. Cloud, MN  56301
Thanks for any assistance you can provide

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