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Mon Nov 10 12:02:56 EST 1997

Dear plant educators

I will be teaching a "plant kingdom" course next semester for the first
time.  Its description in our course catalog runs:

	By surveying the botanical world, from single-celled algae to
complex flowering plants, students will gain an appreciation for the
similarities and differences exhibited by common primary producers. The
morphology, life cycles, evolution, ecology and human uses of each
botanical group will be discussed.

This is pretty much what I intend to teach:  algae, fungi and Plantae.  

My question:  Any suggestions out there for a good textbook?  I'm new to
the list, and I realize that this question may have been posted already.
If so, what did you come up with?  I have ordered a number of review
copies, but they are slow...

Bill Lamberts


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