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Ken Klemow kklemow at WILKES1.WILKES.EDU
Mon Nov 10 19:51:12 EST 1997

>Dave Starrett (dstarret at biology.semo.edu) wrote:
>I did check it out.  Thought it was serious at first.  Then realized it has
>to be a joke.  NOBODY is that stupid!
>Dave Starrett

It's funny, but when I went to their page, my reaction was completely the
opposite of Dave's.  At first, I thought that it had to be a joke ("we
don't need an ozone layer"??).  However, the more I thought about it, the
more it seemed plausible that they are dead serious.  After all, I suspect
that most of us know individuals (including some elected officials and
radio talk-show hosts) who routinely and vociferously assert the positions
espoused on that page.

As far as NOBODY being that stupid to believe such nonsense, just ask
members of the Heaven's Gate group about taking rides on comets (oops,
that's impossible!).

It's a shame that some people confuse the FREEDOM to write stupid things
with an OBLIGATION to do so.

Ken K.

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