dinos--(rather silly)

Monique Reed monique at bio.tamu.edu
Wed Nov 12 15:02:47 EST 1997

I'm sorry, but every time I see "Dinophyta" I think of little Triceratops and 

When I took graduate phycology, I designed a T-shirt to commemorate our 
weekend-long field trip.  The shirt shows the view under a microscope.  In the 
field are a Euglenid, a Scenedesmus colony, a Chlamydomonid of some sort--and 
three dinoflagellates--a Triceratops, a Stegosaur, and a Brontosaurus, each, 
of course with its proper median groove and flagellum in addition to the tail 
flagellum.  All are smiling, happy to be there.

The sleeve of the shirt has a jellyfish with the international "NO" symbol 
over it.  The back proclaims "I survived the phycology field trip" in 13 
different languages.

Monique Reed

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