Leaf drip

Jonathan M. Greenberg jongreen at BLUEMARBLE.NET
Wed Nov 12 22:58:03 EST 1997

That's right. They produce a phenolic compound called juglone that seems to
be responsible.

Jon Greenberg

>>Under our Wallnut trees (Juglans regia) I find there is no moss growing
>>amongst the cobbles until outside the leaf-drip zone where a healthy carp=
>>of moss has grown. 
>>Is this a well known fact, if so what is the explanation.  Otherwise, wha=
>>do you think?  Are there inhibitory chemicals in the water dripping off
>>SOME leaves?
>Some plants excrete inhibitory chemicals into the soil around them, in an 
>attempt to reduce competition.  Walnuts are famous for this.  This phenomenon 
>is termed allelopathy.
>Monique Reed
>Texas A&M

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