Electronic Herbarium

Victoria Vancek vvancek at LIGHTSPEED.BC.CA
Fri Nov 14 18:09:56 EST 1997

I am working on a project called the Electronic Herbarium which
is an educational database containing scientific, botanical
illustrations.  This database is unique in that the illustrations are
not scanned, but hand drawn by myself directly on the computer.  I have
already completed the first volume (contains over 150 illustrations) and
at this moment I am working on Volume II. To get a better idea of what
my database is all about please drop by my web site at: 

        This can be a useful educational tool because it not only
educates people about plant structures and terminology, but it gives one
the opportunity to envision plant structures as seen through the
dissecting microscope.  In addition, the database is an excellent form
of scientific teaching material for those who find themselves
geographically isolated, where the accessibility to schools and
universities is difficult.  Furthermore, conservationally speaking, the
E-Herbarium provides enough scientific information to discourage random
collecting of plants which can otherwise threaten plant populations.

        I am serious about this project and would like to develop
further volumes.  In addition, I have plans to create various E-Herbaria
on particular plants such as, endangered species (in N. America or
specific states), maybe focus on documenting a particular plant
family(ies), or help out a faculty member(s) who is in need of detailed
botanical illustrations for their research.  Unfortunately, I am limited
financially to carry out any of these projects. 
          I am in the process of seeking sponsors and would like to give
them the opportunity to get involved in the creation of future volumes
of the Electronic Herbarium.  I would greatly appreciate it if anyone
could give me some leads on who to contact. 

          Thank you!

                                        Sincerely, Victoria Vancek

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