looking for good anti-plant educational materials

David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) gondwana at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 16 03:05:32 EST 1997

> >Subject: Re: looking for good anti-plant educational materials
> >From: monique at bio.tamu.edu (Monique Reed)
> >Date: Mon, Nov 10, 1997 09:18 EST
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> >If you are really anti-plants, you had better give up eating and breathing,
> >you hypocrite.
> >
> >M. Reed
> >
> nonsense. we are meat eaters, meatatarians.

And the meat you eat...what does _it_ eat? Even if you eat the flesh of
carnivores, they can ultimately only exist by eating herbivories, who
would disappear if the plant life disappeared. Ergo...no carnivores.

Also, what will convert the carbon-dioxide we produce back into oxygen,
if plants are eliminated? Wait...let me guess... not only are you a
meatitarian --- you are breather of noxious gasses as well!

By the way, since you plan to live on a diet completely devoid of
vegetable matter, have a periodic check up with your MD (I hope you're
not against *them* too). A meat only-diet creates well-know metabolic
changes in your body which you will need to be aware of and monitor, and
I'm not even touching the cholesterol issue...

Then again...go ahead! Eat nothing but meat! Breathe nothing but CO2. I
think that's an excellent idea. Come on, now! Go for it!

David Deutsch

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