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Simone French comhort at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 19 16:16:01 EST 1997

Hello this is an announcement to notify all parties interested in the
"Gardening, Nursery or Horticulture" industry, be it growers,
suppliers or retailers, "Nursery World" http:www.nursery.net.nz is up
and running.
We are a broad site dedicated to the Nursery Trade.
Our site includes: Commercial Horticulture - back issues reviews with
articles on line; Information on Nursery Registers for New Zealand and
Australia; John Stanley publications; POS Signage available.
This site is continually expanding to cover new areas, it is designed
and maintained in-house to keep you up with the pulse of the industry
- so check back regularly as new pages come on line.
Pages in construction are: New/Feature: Plants and Products, Bookshop

Simone L French

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