using "Virtual Forest" CD-Rom

David Brown dbrown at OA.PTLOMA.EDU
Sat Nov 29 00:15:36 EST 1997

	I have not used the CD-Rom "Virtual Forest" but 
wish to do so next semester. The class will be for 2nd or
3rd year Bio Undergraduates in the only plant class
in our curriculum. I'm not sure of myself yet because
I've never used a CD-Rom in my teaching experience.
Perhaps some of you will share some of your wisdom 
about "Virtual Forest". My assumption is that it can 
partially substitute for a trip into a forest. I hope 
it can give some experience in woody vegetation sampling 
	What have you done with it?
	How do the students react to using it?
	What plant training precedes the CD-Rom use?
	Do you have a "don't do", or "be sure to do" list
when you use "Virtual Forest"?
	Is sound available on the disk and important?
	Are certain "before the PC" lectures necessary prep?
	Can you recommend activities in addition to the
material already in the CD-Rom?
	Are other similar material on you "must buy" list?
	I have not asked these questions of those selling 
the disk and perhaps should do that at some time. I think
it was this group that made me aware of the product. Would 
you advise me to also post this on plantbio and/or biolab?
	Please accept my thanks for any help you can pass 
to me or to the group as a whole.

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