undergrad lab in subcellular fractionation??

Jon Monroe monroejd at jmu.edu
Wed Oct 1 14:17:34 EST 1997


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>From: Dan Riggs <riggs at scar.utoronto.ca>
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>Subject: undergrad lab in subcellular fractionation??
>Dear Netters:
>I am looking for advice on mounting an undergraduate lab in
>subcellular fractionation.  What I would like is a protocol where
>students actually get to do the experiment as opposed to the TA
>showing them how to make a Percoll gradient and use a preparative
>centrifuge. I suspect that one might use a speed controled microfuge
>and perform small scale separations with spinach homogenates, etc. We
>really only need to get a few fractions to illustrate differences (by
>SDS PAGE or marker enzyme assay) between a whole cell extract,
>nuclear, and chloroplast, etc. compartments.  Any ideas for hands-on,
>inexpensive experiments would be much appreciated.
>Dan Riggs

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