What plant it is? .....1/1 bmp

Alan J Holmes Alan.Holmes at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 07:41:37 EST 1997

In article <343297D8.B89 at ix.netcom.com>,
#gondwana  <gondwana at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>In response to a plant ID question (accompanied by a long, attached,
>bitmap file), the following responses were made:


>Spam Loser wrote:
>>Can I get in first, ahead of Alan?

And he did, just!

>> ***Please do not post binaries in this newsgroup***
>> You didn't even have the courtesy to compress it into a jpeg, and many
>> of us here had to *pay* to download it, without being asked.


>Mick Collins wrote:
>>   And this news group never wants to hear from you again!  Go away
>> and learn some manners.


>Why don't we all just put the hapless Juan Carlos (the original post's
>author) up against these newsgroups' collective bullet-pocked walls, and
>shoot him! Maybe we should virtually disembowel him as well?

Sounds good!

>Good heavens. Are we to believe from these reactions that Juan Carlos
>has stayed up nights, plotting his nefarious mischief, in his ruthless,
>bloodthirsty campaign for cyber-global domination? Or (dare I say it?)
>could it be, instead, that the poor man stumbled into an unfamiliar
>medium and made a mistake, a mere inadvertent error? I tremble at
>suggesting even the possibility that this might be the case, lest the
>crowd with the rope, bloodshot eyes and stiff upper lip turn on me as
>well. In fact, the instant I hit the "Send Now" button, I suppose their
>baleful eye will already be upon me. But my hope remains that the
>majority of thoughtful people would agree that this was only an honest
>mistake (I haven't seen Juan Carlos do this before in the various
>newsgroups I scan), and that therefore asterisks, exile, exclamation
>marks, or even the guillotine are unnecessary. Instead, manners and good
>conduct might best be served by a discreet, private email to Juan
>Carlos, letting him know he put his foot in it, and that he should avoid
>doing so in the future if he wishes to be spared the wrath of the
>gleeful disciplinarians in shiny boots and snappy salutes, who so
>vigorously patrol the hallowed halls of usenetdom.

He could have investigated the groups first, made a few enquiries
as to how he should post, what he should post.

But he didn't bother, just pushed all the rubbish all over the
world, in a _large_ number of groups.  Some of them possibly
unrelated, but did he care, not on your nelly.

>I had better don my asbestos suit --- the flames approach.

As has been said time and time again, some subscribers _have_ to
pay for every byte which passes down the phone lines, you should
be reserving your compassion for them not some ignorant fellow.


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