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michelle sterling misterli at NMSU.Edu
Thu Oct 2 12:46:02 EST 1997

Alan, I've just joined this newsgroup because I am very interested in
gardening.  I'm not very experienced at it but interested.  I was
wondering if you could tell me just what is acceptable in newsgroups and
what is not.  I'm sure it is a matter of opinion but I was just curious
what exactly you were referring to.  I'de also like to know if this group
ever has gardening discussions?  I've been checking for messages for about
2 weeks and when I finally found them, it didn't have much to do with
gardening.  Thanks...  Oh, by the way, (Where are my manners :) my name
is Michelle Sterling and I'm from Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I'm just
starting to experiment with these newsgroups so any advice would be great.

On 2 Oct 1997, Alan J Holmes wrote:

> In article <83MRADAYutM0Ewca at wuli.demon.co.uk>,
> Lynda Thornton  <lynda at wuli.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> >>  And this news group never wants to hear from you again!  Go away
> >>and learn some manners.
> >Mick
> >There is just no need for this tone.  I have contacted Juan Carlos
> >recently on another query - he seems genuinely interested in gardening
> >and should not be flamed for making a mistake - YOU seem to need the
> >lesson in manners.
> And you don't think Juan Carlos doesn't, need a lesson in manners
> that is?
> He doesn't bother to find out what is, or not, acceptable in
> _all_ these newsgroups, and then expects to have the answer sent
> directly to him, cos he 'doesn't bother' to read any of the
> groups which has polluted.
> Please, don't trouble yourself to stand up for someone like that.
> Alan

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