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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Oct 2 17:05:29 EST 1997

#gondwana wrote:

> Accusations of colonialism are a dangerous, double-edged sword. It would
> not be difficult to direct such an accusation at citizens of the US of
> A. Ironically, it would seem you invite such action, when in the same
> breath you complain both about British colonialism and about others
> using "our" net. If you read this thread you will see I am not friend of
> anyone who would jump on Juan Carlos, but acquiring an understanding of
> the problem of Net misuse, and solving it, is something that transcends
> nationalities, and deserves thoughtful, constructive actions, not the
> simplistic, tit-for-tat, jingoistic rhetoric that everyone (save one
> other person) seems to have applied to the problem.
> David Deutsch

I agree whole heartedly.  but I detected a bit of "stay off our group"
from one of your countrymen.  Yet, all these were posted across several
news groups that as you point out  transcends nationalities.   Having
traveled a bit, I recognize attitudes applied to the "other ones",
particularly from some of your British brothers.  Juan Carlos was not a
flamer, spammer, just a guy wanting some help.  My response was to the
one or two that replied with the "wog" attitude, I found that offensive,
and reacted.

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