What plant it is? .....1/1 bmp

kristen marie davenport kristend at unm.edu
Thu Oct 2 18:24:40 EST 1997

>>> >  And this news group never wants to hear from you again!  Go away
>>> >and learn some manners.
>>> Mick
>>> There is just no need for this tone.  I have contacted Juan Carlos
>>> recently on another query - he seems genuinely interested in gardening
>>> and should not be flamed for making a mistake - YOU seem to need the
>>> lesson in manners.
>From a man who clearly doesn't have to pay for his net access!
>No one bullies anyone for being reasonable.

Relax, Alan. I think she means only that the original poster Juan Carlos
most likely wasn't intentionally wasting anyone's time and money. There
was no malice there.  But your response was plenty malicious and nasty.
Most people are quite new to this whole Usenet thing (surely you were new
to this only a few years ago) and some people don't know the rules. Rather
than attacking them viciously, it would be much more productive to
politely let them know they did something annoying. Why spread anger?
Life is full of hassles. Save your anger for the big ones.

And yes, he made a *reasonable* mistake.  Your response, however, was
quite unreasonable.  If you'd like, I'll send you the 50 pence or one
dollar or whatever it was it cost you to download the ghastly picture.


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