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Alan J Holmes Alan.Holmes at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Oct 3 04:51:52 EST 1997

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Jane Ransom  <ransom at mearsgyl.demon.co.uk> wrote:
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><lots and lots snipped>
>>A little temperance is in order. People who are willing to learn the
>>rules should be informed of them in a friendly and constructive fashion,
>>and should be given the benefit of the doubt at least once. The ire and
>>vitriol that you and others have shown thus far should be reserved for
>>those who, once so informed of the rules, knowingly repeat their

>You know, if you used fewer words, people might just spend the time to
>read what you've written.


I did manage to read all of it, as it seemed to be directed
primarily at me, not sure I managed to follow the reasoning, but
I'll force myself to have another look at it.


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