Plant life cycle

Nancy Harrison vulpia at
Fri Oct 3 06:20:36 EST 1997

In article <6110nf$vd7$1 at>, vulpia at says...
>Has anyone, anywhere, figured out a way to convince students
>that THERE IS INDEED a gametophyte generation in the Plant
>Kingdom? They block it out, and want it to go away!
>-NHarrison, Santa Rosa Jr College (frustrated as Exam 2 approaches)
I want to thank everyone who emailed me responses to this gametophyte
problem. We should indeed make more effort to grow fern gametophytes
for this lab. We don't think of it because we don't have greenhouse
space and growing them in our lab is difficult.
  What I should have specified in my post is that it is the
*seed plant* gametophytes that are really the problem for
the students. I think this involves a real "selling job" on
the part of the instructor and his/her aide (me) as the students
seem to want to deny the existence of gametophytes and just
go directly from pine tree or flower to the gametes - forget
this other stuff!
   Thanks again all - you are a great group! -NH

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