What plant it is? .....1/1 bmp

Jan Andersen root at
Fri Oct 3 05:25:21 EST 1997

Juan Carlos wrote:

> Sorry but I didn't know how to compress in ipg and didn't know how much
> time would be spend on download the picture.
> I have not got  the Internet news at home,only has access to it two days
> per week in my work.
> I am very sorry,
> Juan Carlos

Don't worry, Juan Carlos, some people seem to like showing off hysterical
Still, it is a kind thing to avoid sending huge posts on the Usenet or over
Personally I always place big things like pictures on my home page and
include a reference to it in my mail/post - or else I say something like 'if
you want
me to I'll mail this to you'.


- while you're here, why not take a look
at a href="http://www.image.dk/~jan_p_a

If you want to reply to me, my electronic
address is ndjan and the server part of it
is nord-data-detail.dk. Or you can use
jan_p_a with server part = image.dk

This rather 'circumvented' explanation is
meant to avoid automatic spammers that
browse the news groups. I hope it works

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