Plant life cycle

Grant R. Cramer cramer at MED.UNR.EDU
Fri Oct 3 11:26:58 EST 1997

I agree Jon, but where can one get such sprores? I would very much like to do
this in the next week for my class!

Grant Cramer

Jon Monroe wrote:

> Ross Koning wrote:
> >Ceratopteris spores germinate quickly, develop
> >gametangia rapidly and predictably on 1.5% agar.
> >Wet mounting some female and male-dominant
> >gametophytes under one coverslip will quickly
> >show swimming sperm, and (with the right prep)
> >show them in chemotaxis near archegonium necks
> >and even wriggling down the neck!
> Thanks Ross!  I've never grown these organisms but I will now try.  Upon
> reading this I remembered that I inherited a number of vials of fern and
> moss spores from my predecessor but I have never tried growing any of them.
> Do you Ross, or anyone else have any tips for growing Dryopteris,
> Asplenium, Polypodium, or Polystichum?  How about the moss Polytricum?
> Thanks.  Students will surely develop a stronger interest if they grow the
> plants themselves and then get to take them home...
> Jon
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