preserving flowers

Douglas P. Jensen djensen at HOLLINS.EDU
Mon Oct 6 14:51:12 EST 1997

Hello all, 
        I want to harvest some flowers now and save them to use in my
classes during the winter.  What are your preferred methods to save them?

Some ideas I've had:  
        1.  FAA or 70% Ethanol.  This will preserve the structures but
bleach out the pigments.  The real downside is that I don't want my students
to have to mess with a preservative, even if it is only ethanol.

        2.  Freezing.  This will preserve the colors, but the petals and
sepals will probably be destroyed.  Has anyone tried flash-freezing with
liquid nitrogen?  Will this keep the flowers stay in better condition?

thanks for your input,

Douglas P. Jensen, Assistant Professor of Biology
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Hollins College
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