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AC alanchal at netcomuk.co.uk
Tue Oct 7 16:26:51 EST 1997

Alan J Holmes wrote:

> >I
> >use Netscape on a Macintosh for all Internet functions, and I was easily
> >able to abort the usenet download originally in question by clicking on
> >the "Stop" button. Is this not available to others, who use other
> >browsers/email-utilities as well? It wont work for me with email, so
> >perhaps other platforms/applications may not offer this protection in
> >usenet circumstances. But if they do, it might help the people who need
> >to count bytes and pence, better protect themselves from this sort of
> >problem.
> It would appear not to be so, here in england.
Of course it is. I have used Netscape in UK and the STOP button I am now
looking at has been there as long as I have been a subscriber.

Alan Challoner MA(Phil.) MChS
libran at netcomuk.co.uk

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