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At 07:03 AM 10/8/97 -0700, Ross Koning wrote:
>[lots snipped out]
>What I don't like about Phloroglucinol is the corrosion you can
>get on mechanical stages and the tips of objective lenses if
>the students aren't meticulous with the acid...and promptly
>removing the slides from the stages before storing the microscopes.
>I'm excited to try the tetraborate addition to see if it improves
>the contrast with Tol blue...that would be nice and might convince
>me to switch away from Phloroglucinol.  The tol blue w/o borate
>is just too murky to me.

I partially get around the corrosive properties of HCl by having the
students destain in water.  we stain in syracuse dishes.  After staining, we
put sections in another dish with water.  The results are great and I don't
have to worry about people  getting acid burns, stains, or leaving slides
under the scopes.  
The results are fine.


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