carotenoid assay

Laurie Zettler u zett8310 at MACH1.WLU.CA
Wed Oct 8 08:14:59 EST 1997

I am a 4th year biology student at Wilfrid Laurier.  I am looking for 
some information on how to measure carotoid concentrations from leaf 
discs.  I have a method where leaf discs are placed in a test tube and 
incubated in DMSO for 1 hour at 60 degrees celcius.  The absorbance of a 
specific volume of the sample is then taken at 450 nm.  The problem I 
have now is there being no formula to plug this value into.  This method 
is also used for chlorophyll a and b but I have formulas to derive the 
concentration of chlorophyll.

I would appreciate any help,

Thanks, Laurie.

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