toluidine blue

Wilson Taylor taylorwa at UWEC.EDU
Wed Oct 8 07:35:51 EST 1997

Hello all,

I use a simple aqueous solution of Toluidine Blue (0.2%) and have very good
results with lignified cell walls (blue or blue green) (thanks to Sue Schenk
for the lead and recipe - it beats phloroglucinol/HCl by a long shot!)

Does anyone know of any advantage to the recipe below?  What is the aqueous
sodium tetraborate for?

Other suggestions for simple aqueous stains for fresh material would be
welcome (Let's get some ANATOMISTS talking to one another here instead of
all of those darned physiologists [tongue firmly in cheek])

Wil Taylor

>A general recipe for Toluidine Blue stain is:
>	0.01% Toluidine Blue (powder) in			10 mg
>	0.1%  aqueous sodium tetraborate (sodium borate)	100 mg
>								100 mL water

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Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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