Toluidine Blue

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Dear Nancy,

A general recipe for Toluidine Blue stain is:
	0.01% Toluidine Blue (powder) in			10 mg
	0.1%  aqueous sodium tetraborate (sodium borate)	100 mg
								100 mL water

At 00:12 8-10-97 GMT, Nancy Harrison wrote:
>I need a recipe for this stain, to be used to stain
>fresh plant tissue. I know several people have mentioned
>it here - we don't have any at our lab, although we could
>order it from Sigma. We're not sure whether to use the
>alcohol solution or the aqueous solution. We'd rather
>just get the raw materials and mix it ourselves.
>  We've had fun this past week with students being able
>to "slice and dice" supermarket vegetables to look at
>primary stem structure, but our stains leave a lot
>to be desired! -NH
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