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Mon Oct 13 17:37:53 EST 1997

Hello, I am a student in 7th grade, and I am working on a large project
dealing with "skototropisms," or the plant growth towards darkness. 
Although I have found quite enough information on tropisms, I have not
found any books or articles on skototropisms.  Let me explain my
project, and maybe you can help me. 
I will construct three "walls," all the same length and height.  These
walls will be placed in the same place and exactly the same distance
from a large window.  The first of these three walls will be constructed
of black construction paper.  The second will be wax paper.  The third
will be Saran Wrap.  (Keep in mind that there will be a few experimental
plants that have no wall near them.)  I will have a minimum of 10
plants, and they will all be in a row, therefore they will also all be
the same distance from the walls. These plants will get the same amount
of water, the same type of soil, be put in the same type of pots, and
have same amount of sunlight. My hypothesis is that the plants will grow
towards the darkest of the walls.  
My problem with this experiment is the plants.  What types of plants
grow towards darkness? Why? How does this affect their photosynthesis?
Please help! 

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