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At 9:22 PM -0400 10/17/97, Nancy Harrison wrote:
>One of our instructors told me that "heterospory" now means
>that the two types of spores are not necessarily different in
>size, but always produce gametophytes of only one sex or the
>other (dioecious, i.e.) so that mosses with dioecious gametophytes
>are "heterosporous", etc. Is this the case? Our text (Campbell)
>does not say this. But perhaps some major change has come
>about. What then happens to plants with only one kind of
>sporangium? What happens to "microspores and megaspores"?
>Do we need more terminology tacked on now? Comments welcome! -NH


I never heard of this either and would be shocked if this
were the current correct interpretation.  I will be
following replies with interest to see if there is anything


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