flower fragrance question

ejacobs at vmsvax.simmons.edu ejacobs at vmsvax.simmons.edu
Mon Oct 20 13:39:10 EST 1997

Hello.  I wonder if anyone can answer a possibly dumb question - it's a
matter of settling a dispute.  Does a frequently sniffed rose have less
fragrance than one that is not sniffed?  A friend of mine insists that
roses at a convenient height for smelling always smell less intense than
ones that you have to go out of your way to smell.  He thinks that with
each sniff, some of the fragrance disappears and is not replaced.  I don't
agree.  If anyone has any knowledge (or even an opinion) about this, I'd
be interested in hearing it.  Thanks in advance, and sorry for
interrupting your conversations. - Ellen J.

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