Outer bark variation

Janice M. Glime jmglime at MTU.EDU
Tue Oct 21 13:39:17 EST 1997

  Some bark, such as Eucalyptus and other fir-adapted species, burns
easily and releases buds buried in the stems, causing flowering or new
branches.  Rough bark provides more crevices and generally has more
epiphytes, at least in the temperate zone (don't know about the tropics),
so presumably it might also invite easier establishment from fungi, making
smooth bark an advantage.  On the other hand, rough bark could be a better
insulator, hold more water, and break up desiccating wind.  Therefore, I
would say that possibilities exist for differences in adaptations.  Please
note that I have no proof that any of these possibilities are reality, but
they could form the bases of testable hypotheses.
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