Outer bark variation

Bob Vickery vickery at MPX.COM.AU
Tue Oct 21 07:52:24 EST 1997

Kathy Schmid wrote:

>Today my lecture on arrangement of cork cambia (phellogen if you prefer) vs=
>of bark prompted another of those "I don't know" questions from the class.
>Does anyone know of any selection pressures that would favor smooth vs. the
>various other textures of bark?=20
>Kathy Schmid
>schmid at butler.edu=20

I don't know of any adaptations shown by bark.  Variation in bark character=
 is one of god's gifts to botanists.

Eucalyptus trees show great variation within a locality: gums, boxes,=
 stringybarks, peppermints and iron-barks can all grow close together,=
 though they are different species of course.  Conversely, one type of bark=
 can be found in very different environments - again on different species.


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