while we're talking about coffee. . .

AC alanchal at netcomuk.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 01:08:32 EST 1997

dosmann at IASTATE.EDU wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > We're biologists, right?
> >
> > In case someone has expertise with compounds in coffee as a result of Junlan
> > Yao's question on pH, just what is the resistant compound that traverses the
> > human GI tract unscathed and contributes to the phenomenon of "coffee pee"?
> >
>         Excellent question!!!
>         No, Wil, you are not alone.  I have oft observed this phenomenon
> and pondered over it.  I would be interested in hearing hypotheses and
> thoughts (real or otherwise) from readers of the listserve.
>         Anybody out there have some ideas?
>         In botanical humor,
>         Michael
There are quite a number of naturally occuring substances that are
diuretics. One that affects me is the celery leaf. I also find that
drinking water from a different locality will also do likewise.

Alan Challoner

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