clarification of "coffee pee"

Wilson Taylor taylorwa at UWEC.EDU
Thu Oct 23 07:53:47 EST 1997

Just in case the world at large has begun to take plant biologists seriously
- I'll hazard to further legitimize this question (and my long standing
curiosity) with a clarification of the term "coffee pee."  The excretion in
question has the same *aroma* coming out as it did going in.  Thus, I
suppose I could have asked what compounds give coffee it's characteristic
aroma, but that would have squeezed WAY to much levity out of the question.
I never miss an opportunity to entertain while indulging honest curiosity -
even (or, rather, ESPECIALLY) at the expense of my own "dignity".  Just ask
my students.

Any lurking biochemists out there?

with lingering twinges of self-consciousness,

Wil Taylor

Wilson A. Taylor
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI  54701
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