Asparagus too

Dr. David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Thu Oct 23 11:13:26 EST 1997

>"asparagus pee" is a genetic tendency-if you experience this
>phenomenon, it's because you don't carry the gene necessary to break
>down one of the components of asparagus. Maybe some of the confusion
>over the definition of "coffee pee" has to do  with the fact that those
>who are not genetically predisposed have no clue what is being
>discussed.  I too, look forward to the emergence  of an expert....

I didn't know about the genetic aspect.  I have experienced the asparagus,
but not coffee, effect.  If they are both genetic, they may be different
alleles or genes...?  Anyone know what the mechanisms is (or isn't)?

Dave Starrett

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