Asparagus too

Thu Oct 23 10:01:50 EST 1997

>excretion in
>>question has the same *aroma* coming out as it did going in.  Thus, I
>>suppose I could have asked what compounds give coffee it's 
>>aroma, but that would have squeezed WAY to much levity out of the 
>>I never miss an opportunity to entertain while indulging honest 
>curiosity -
>>even (or, rather, ESPECIALLY) at the expense of my own "dignity".  
>Just ask
>>my students.
>*** Asparagus is known for similar properties.  I am guessing the 
>answer will apply here as well...

"asparagus pee" is a genetic tendency-if you experience this  
phenomenon, it's because you don't carry the gene necessary to break 
down one of the components of asparagus. Maybe some of the confusion 
over the definition of "coffee pee" has to do  with the fact that those 
who are not genetically predisposed have no clue what is being 
discussed.  I too, look forward to the emergence  of an expert....

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