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>And while we're on metabolism, plant products, and human waste, (geez, we
>must be biologists to do this!) I have some evidence that betalains are not
>broken down in our bodies (at least not in mine).  I recall one time I tried
>to expose my kids to beets.  I bought a fresh bunch, cooked them up, and
>everyone refused more than the requisite bite.  My wife was no help
>either....Anyways, I ate all of them in one sitting (yummy) and for the next
>two days, ...well...everything was very pretty pink.

During my year of teaching botany at St. Olaf College, the college nurse
told me that every time the dining commons served beets, she'd get a line
of students in the infirmary over the next day or two, each convinced
he/she had a massive bladder infection and/or colon damage.

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