FLASH - asparagus culprit uncovered

Wilson Taylor taylorwa at UWEC.EDU
Thu Oct 23 12:22:52 EST 1997

OK, so this discussion is getting interesting (and I thought this was a
staid group),

One of our animal physiologists on staff (it is, of course, distasteful to
have to interact with [ugh] zoologists - let alone be beholden to one - but
despite their generally unsavory and questionable character, they are handy
to have around - [sarcasm off]) tells me that the offending compound in
asparagus is methyl mercaptan.  Still don't know about coffee.  Maybe we
need a show of hand of the afflicted, followed, perhaps, by a Punnet square
. . .

Not being totally silly, but getting there fast,

Wil Taylor

Wilson A. Taylor
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI  54701
taylorwa at uwec.edu


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